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for 1-2 people

We have several places for accommodation, all with different expressions and content. ​

1) The most famous isthe wooden cabin in the forest, remember to book your favorite night before someone else does.

2) The second is "Organic Living", luxurious glamping by the river, with both a hot outdoor shower and a well-equipped kitchen with a fridge.

3) "Mountain View" is our newest addition, view directly towards the epic mountain Store Vengetind, own grill and sofa. We were inspired by trips to Alaska when this cabin was built. SOON ready for booking here.


4) We also have a "normal" apartment, indoors, for those who want Apple TV, a washing machine and a normal bathroom/shower.You book the apartment here.  

No matter which of the accommodations you choose, you will experience tranquility and exclusive privacy. The wooden cabin with its romantic vibe in the forest, Organic Living with an upgraded standard and immediate proximity to the river and Mountain View with its chill feeling.  

All our accommodation has electricity installed, so you can charge mobiles etc.

Breakfast offer:We offer a very popular breakfast basket, which is delivered outside your cabin at 08.30. Price: NOK 850 for two people. Booked directly by us, at the latest on arrival, or arranged (preferably) by notification in advance.


Hammock:We also have hammocks for reasonable hire, if you want a little extra chill at the cabin. 



Each cabin has room for 1-2 people. 



The wooden cabin is the smallest
Mountain View is in the middle

Organic Living is the largest


Double bed with good mattresses in all cabins

Lovely bed linen and towels

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