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Sauna by our river

From 950 NOK for two people

By our river, the sauna is ready for you; steaming hot. 

BOOKING HERE; we accept most payment card.

If it gets too hot, go for a chill dip in the river - or try our shower with fresh water. 

You can bring your own drinks, but please don't bring glass or red wine (due to injuries and stains.)  

We appreciate that you take a shower/bath before entering the sauna. Everyone must wear underwear/bathing suits. Bring your own towels, and sit on these in the sauna. 

You can change and store your clothes in the sauna (changing room). 

If you have any garbage, please bring it when your session is over.

The sauna has plenty of room for up to 6 people, but if you want to be even more and merrier, we'll let you. Please send us an email in advance if you want to be more then 6 people. Email:

Ready for it? Go here for booking


1-6 people

(let us know if you want to be more than six) 
We accept most credit cards.

You'll have the sauna for yourselves. Private session.


Spend the night with us! We take pride in offering great places to stay. From the basic to the more luxurious. All our cabins are truly something special. Read more here!


We have parking.
Your session last 2 hours.
Email with details sent to you after booking is confirmed.


We have an outdoor toilet close to the sauna

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